Distinct Viewpoints of parents on coding courses

Every parent is curious when the question comes regarding their child’s literacy. According to the parent’s aspect, a child must have skills as per the future opportunity-based sectors. But due to a lack of skills, they are unable to catch so many things at a single time.

Many parents fall into the opinion of customers based on money-demanding programs, rather than classes that give their younger one’s age-based creative thinking, knowledge, and independent learning capabilities. It should be a wonderful experience for both parent-child to mix expertise and opportunities based on future technology establish sectors. With Debug Bunny’s well-known coding programs, every course assembly is clear and fun to learn and implement. The conceptual understanding which we provide helps them to stands unique from the crowd as an independent learner.

We analyze the parent’s reviews to explore what kinds of roles parents might be playing at home and to analyze parent’s perceptions of the benefits and challenges of engaging their children in established coding courses.

Due to the COVID situation, many EdTech players have come into space. Curation has become a problem. Many parents are claiming to have found the initial interaction promising but in the longer term, the course content or the after-sales service was not good.

Companies like Whitehat Jr are suppressing the critics on the digital platform and hence genuine feedback about the companies is a bit difficult to get. Debugs Bunny has started No Cost EMI or Pay-as-you-go channel through which parents are given the flexibility of the payment. Since Debugs Bunny teachers are selected through a thorough process, the teaching is delightful. Many Education portals focus on Student’s engagement, Debugs Bunny goes one step further to focus on Student delight. If your students are enjoying it then they will explore things and create solutions on their own,

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