A Summer camp for new age kids

Summer is here! In India, summer is that time of the year when children, just relieved from their annual exams, are looking to unwind and rejuvenate before the next term starts. Parents are looking to spend time with their kids and use this time to hone their talent through playtimes or hobbies. Gone are the days when vacations were spent only visiting relatives and grandparents. In recent years, a phenomenon called Summer Camp has really picked up the pace. The new age kids and parents have a lot more enthusiasm and courage to explore newer and newer options every year. Just excelling at school curriculum is no longer enough. Discovering alternate opportunities to help shape your own career starts very young nowadays. Had the pandemic not kicked in, parents would already have flocked to enroll their child for swimming, karate, music, painting, and other skills. Nevertheless, with the presence of virtual meetings in the digital era, this should be no roadblock to taking up any of these activities remotely.
The extra-curricular flavours chosen by the masses are predominantly due to two reasons, firstly that they help kids unleash their creative sides in more than one ways, and secondly, it teaches them the systematic, process-oriented approach to learning.

Introducing your kid to Coding would definitely be an excellent gift for them this summer. Not only does it serve the purpose of teaching today’s tech-savvy kids something new, fun, and valuable, but also inculcates a deeper interest in them for how technology works. Choosing how to spend your free time, what skills to enhance, and choose a path of your liking, is a critical decision and one that needs to be taken wisely. While it is important that kids have fun and enjoy the new interests, the learning should also be meaningful and build a self-sustained mechanism of adding knowledge on that topic.

At DebugsBunny, this was our prime focus while curating this year’s Kids Summer Coding Camp, for kids from classes 6 to 12. The course has been designed keeping in mind their cognitive learning abilities and problem-solving capabilities. It is focused on building fundamental logic application and analytical thinking in kids while making the classes fun for them so as to sustain the momentum till the end of the course. Leaving their minds richer in thinking and solutioning abilities would mean we have succeeded in our endeavour. At a nascent age when children start absorbing knowledge to their fullest ability and leaning towards what interests them, giving them an early start is our aim. It will gradually introduce them to the world of applications and software and aid them in understanding the logic behind these modern-day technologies.

A kid belonging to Class 1, with limited exposure to gadgets and technology has a different approach to solving problems as compared to an experienced kid of Class 9, with more clear and mature thinking abilities. Customizing these courses to best fit the age group and conducting activities designed specific to each group will make them all the more enriching in terms of the acquired skills at the end of the class.

The emphasis on coding as an integral part of the education system in the recent education policy makes it all the more important for kids to get a head start on problem solving and analytical skills. However, due to overwhelming and often misleading advertisements, commercialization by a few Edutech companies, parents are worried about the hefty cost coding classes will incur, not to forget the unnecessary strain created on their child’s mind to outperform other kids. This has left most of them reluctant to encourage their kids to take up coding at a young age.

We at DebugsBunny want to break these myths. Learning the basics of coding or programming doesn’t guarantee the kid a job in a top MNC, nor does it require him to develop a working mobile app to prove his worth. Instead, such a course ensures that by understanding the concepts from the basic level, he or she begins the journey towards developing a much richer analytical and logical brain. Coding is not limited to Information Technology or Computer Science courses (as is the myth), but it can be a start to excel in the field he or she chooses. Using coding to make your school projects fun, finding creative ways to understand complex formulas and methods, instead of memorizing them blindly, is a direct benefit of coding.

We, the course design team are alumni of IIT and IIMs and completely understand the value of education for a kid of such a tender age. We are committed to making the courseware fun and learnable. Knowledge gained is never wasted and with this in mind, we sincerely urge parents to enroll their kids in the DebugsBunny Summer Camp and let them experience the world of software for themselves. The course this year begins on 6 April and will consist of 12 classes over a duration of 4 weeks. A very pocket-friendly fee of Rs. 2021 would cover the entire course. If their interest is piqued by what is taught to them in this short course, we have higher modules waiting for them to take up. If not, then they definitely will learn the need to explore other options which excite them.
After all, we all want our kids to excel in the fields of their choice rather than imposing our choices on them.

Happy Learning.