How coding can help you choose a career direction post your 10th Class exams

March is definitely the most stressful month for students with the burden of exams lingering over them. For students eyeing the 10th and 12th board exams, this final year is always tough. They face a very critical decision ahead of choosing how they want to shape their professional life. To get through to an excellent college after 10th and 12th class, you need to be in the creamy layer at the top of the class. A high scorer always ends up in science and ends up with the most secure and high-paying career. Let us tell you, this myth is slowly diminishing and is slowly replaced by Aptitude and Attitude when it comes to recruitment across all professions.

With this blog, we intend to share our knowledge and draw the attention of parents and students alike, on what the changing times demand. Gone are the days when educational institutes and hiring firms segment students as per their grades alone. It is no longer enough to be one in the crowd at generic vocations. Instead, expertise in any field is what matters now. Secondly, due to the rising competition to secure jobs in the current volatile market, there are many alternate education streams in which one can have a flourishing career. With the advent of newer areas of work and technology penetration in almost every single one of them, a student today has diverse options to choose from. A lot has transformed in the education world, with high school kids having the knowledge, maturity and liberty to make their own career choices. Having multiple choices to select from does not make it an easy task, but having the opportunity to explore these options upfront, before making a final pick, can be a boon.

In the Indian education system, the months following 10th class are considered very critical. This is when youngsters can jot down the most suitable choices, take advice from elders and professionals, get a taste of different career paths, deliberate carefully after getting different viewpoints and finally opt for what stream suits their criteria best, Commerce, Arts, or Science. This decision paves way for the next two years of their schooling, before they finally step out into college, the last stage before they pursue their chosen professional lives. But along with this assured, age-old process of making the right selection, if we can offer children a first-hand experience of the real flavour of what they plan to take up, it would impact their decisions for the good. Through the DebugsBunny platform, we encourage them to utilize this valuable time, after the exams to get a hands-on feel of their chosen options.

As the world progresses in this high-speed technology age, hardly anything around us is not Tech-enabled. Right from recharging our TV from the comfort of our homes to watering the fields, Technology has engulfed everything under its arms. Start-ups are mushrooming at a never seen before pace, in every field, right from Agri-tech, Edu-tech, Fin-tech, Food-tech and many more. This is all becoming more and more possible by a common, extremely important catalyst in the value chain, called Software.

Softwares aren’t just limited to games and computer applications serving limited purposes, they have completely revolutionized the way we live today. Not confined to any one functionality, digitization is possible everywhere. While making everything easy for today’s generation, it has also opened up a plethora of opportunities for today and tomorrow’s generation. Whether we like to admit it or not, there is no running away from the fact that Coding will be an important life skill, as any other, in the near future.

The new Education policy introduced by the Government of India and the many White Papers published only testify in favour of this hypothesis. Making Coding a mandatory part of the Education system is a clear signal that the future generations need to be well equipped with this skill, if they have to excel and mark their presence on the job market in the future. Keeping in mind this rising demand for leaning to code, in recent times, it is all the more important for students to explore how it can benefit them. Apart from improving their analytical and logical abilities, the whole process will make them job-ready. As Alumni of IITs and IIMs, we understand the value of having the necessary skillset in your resume to be cherry-picked for jobs, and if, through DebugsBunny we can make this difference in your lives, our hardwork will have paid off.

At Debugsbunny, we have curated our summer camp and regular course for students who have just completed Class 10, to give them the necessary exposure to coding basics, reasoning and analytical skills, while making sure they enjoy this phase of learning too. We aim at providing quality education at an affordable price to all children in India, contrary to misconceptions created by heavily priced coding classes. The summer camp, starting from 6 April, made available at a pocket-friendly Rs.2021 for 12 classes, spread over 4 weeks, will be beneficial for them to learn the fundamentals of Coding and Logic application. We have many examples of early adopters in the student community, who at a young age, have come up with creative ways of using this recently acquired skill. Right from creating apps for others to use, to devising memorizing techniques for formulae and theoretical subjects, to creating a system to discuss and clarify doubts with teachers, these students have already begun their foray into the practical uses of Coding.

Before you, as guardians, guide them to choose their stream and carve their futures, we urge you to gift them this opportunity to explore Coding, which is impacting their lives in more ways now than before. We are confident that, with our endeavour, zeal, and momentum, we will positively affect the lives of many students who are the future of our nation.