Coding In Everyday Life

‘Code is the next universal language.’ We have heard this infinite times. We are often told by our parents and teachers to be a code literate. But we often wonder why is it important for us? Why is coding necessary for everyone in the current times? Where can we apply coding knowledge in the real world? How can contribute to our daily lives? If you’re one among them then, this blog is for you. Coding finds its uses in all facets of life today. It is adaptable to everything. Over the past few years, technology has wide-reaching effect on how everything operates. Computers have replaced the long working hours and manual labor to make working faster, safer, and more reliable. Thus, it becomes inevitable for us to learn the computer language i.e Coding. It has transformed the traditional technology in everything and made them code ready. Below is the list of some real-life examples which involve programming which has transmuted our lives in a sure-fire way.

  1. Household tasks- The household tasks from vacuuming, bathing, salad making, brewing, washing, drying to cooking everything runs on coding. a) Vacuuming- Tufted carpets are made by automated processes involving programming to control their thickness, pattern, and length. It is involved in the complete process from forming the backing to preparing the final product. b) Bathing- The water heaters we use to have refreshing hot water baths every morning have a temperature controlling microprocessor to monitor water flow and temperature. c) Laundry- The fully automated computer-powered washing machines are saving a lot of time and energy. They are programmed to regulate load, water intake, temperature, speed, and time depending on the requirement. They are also programmed to dry the clothes post-wash. Isn’t it wonderful? d) Cooking- The electrical ovens have a computer operating system that translates directly to its electrical operating system to heat and cook food. e) Growing vegetables and fruits in the off-season- The technological advancement in biotechnology and computer science has enabled us to grow our veggies in off season using computer-controlled Greenhouses which are programmed to maintain appropriate temperature, humidity, and light conditions for the crop to grow inside it.
  2. Transportation and traffic controlling- From cars to elevators, from trains to metro transportation has changed drastically by using programming aided microprocessors. a) The modern-day cars are fully automated which involves programming to intelligently perform the manual tasks and making driving safer than before. b) Coding has another role in transportation, it helps in the control of traffic lights through microprocessors and sensors that signal cars when they are waiting. c) Elevators- Modern-day elevators have programmed sensors that sense if something is blocking the doors or takes you to the proper floor based on the button pressed. d) Metro- With programming and artificial intelligence, it has become possible. Today trains have become man-less and have surpassed the possibility of manual errors.

Programming teaches us to innovate and create environment-friendly solutions for global problems while avoiding manual errors and thus making the work easier and faster. It enables speeding up the input-output processes in a machine to process the data more accurately. Therefore, learning to code is no more a skill limited to web designing, it finds its use in every sphere of life making it one of the most important skills to learn in the 21st century.