How to build an android app

“I want to build an app”. This declaration might have been met with many unbelievable stares, just years before. But now? No more!! If you have a great idea for an app, you can build one. Six and seven-year-olds are easily building one.

What are the initial steps to the journey of building an app?

  1. Have a well-researched base Do check on things like which platform would be the best? Android is a popular choice. Make a rough draft even with a pen and paper. Do write up on -What are the must-have features? -What are the ‘would be nice to have’ features?
  2. Market search Checks as to the competitors and likeminded in the market are important. The potential customers, their income bracket, needs and desires should be focused on.
  3. Make a Mock-up A mock-up is a functional approach to an app without unnecessary details so that you can present the same to a client or employer.
  4. Consult with a graphic design team. One can do the same with a graphic template form or hire a professional designer to do the work.
  5. Build landing page and website for the app This is an opportunity for you to inform the world about the app’s perspective. With the purpose and storyline of the background, you can inspire connections and build curiosity among the audience.
  6. Build an app As the initial groundwork has been done, we can work on developing an app. With the front end and back end done separately, set up the navigation and build the app’s features, of course, with the help of tools.
  7. Launch your app and do the marketing This part deals with publishing the content related to the app and doing the much-needed marketing and campaigning part. Improving your app with the feedback received is also important. This seems too simple in words and much complicated in deeds. But the point here is, it is not difficult to quench your thirst for creativity or build on your dreams as the world nowadays are filled with immense possibilities. You can also build an app using the help of tools like thinkable. For example, if you log into thinkable, there are tutorials to help you learn basic and advanced features. With its simple drag n drop processes, we can easily build an app interface. Custom components and third-party integrations can also be added to the project. The easily visible block programming language can be of great help to working on. If you are someone who wants to develop an app -for creative satisfaction -for supporting your nascent business venture -to be the next Instagram or ‘twitter’ You need not get an advanced degree from a reputed institution or a backup of humongous funding-although the existence of these would surely, ease out your way. You should know the right place to look at and serve your time and energy to the right cause. An app and its performance depend on a lot of factors like budget, experience, developer’s competency etc. It is said by experts that it is not difficult to build an app- but to maintain with the best possible features-that is another story. When we are talking about a child, who has the creative genius to fulfil the requirements and passion to match up to his abilities-then the answer is yes-the stars are a little bit closer for him to reach, in today’s world.