Coding and non-STEM subjects.

Stem and non-stem Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ( STEM), is a broad term used to group these academic disciplines. This term is typically used to address an education policy or curriculum choices in schools. and the career in these majors. So basically non-stem are every major apart from science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Non STEM is the study of disciplines not about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Therefore this comprises the study of Business Management, Finance, Luxury, Fashion and many other programs. Thus Non STEM is a vast field and probably has more subjects than STEM.

Importance of non-stem majors. Non-STEM major like humanities can get into a diverse range of career opportunities where the skills and knowledge are made applicable, likewise Education, Business, Accounting, Marketing, English, Journalism, Language Studies, and many other degrees all have plenty of uses for various professions. Some people argue that non-STEM courses do not have a favourable career, while STEM majors, on the other used always increase in demands and high payroll. However it’s on an individual preference and parental guidance, but for a parent providing best for the kid keeping in mind the kid’s interest, without overburdening the kid is the ultimate goal. So how do we deal with the situation? By going for the kid’s interest, even though you believe it isn’t worth the time and importance of investment. Or By going for parent choice which the kid is least interested in. Well, none of the above preferences provides a 100% utility. What if we have a midway solution? Yes, there is coding which belongs to the STEM subjects but helps an individual to enhance the non-stem subjects, As learning to code involves logic, problem-solving, backwards planning, and other broadly applicable thinking skills, teachers of all subject areas could consider making coding a part of their content area. Students can use coding projects to demonstrate knowledge in any subject which no wonder helps in applying towards Humanities, Arts and Literature and Management.