Coding Beyond Employment

Humans have a constant quest of learning, exploring and inventing things which fascinate them or ease out their work. The primitive humans used to communicate through signs or gestures. They could signal with fire and smoke, drums, or whistles. These early methods of communication had limitations of time and understanding. With the evolution of mankind, humans have developed a mechanism of easing out communication and thus, this marked the evolution of ‘language’. Language is the principal method of human communication, consisting of words used in a structured and conventional way. Same way, coding is the language to communicate with the computer and evolve as the human race. ‘Coding’ opposite to what it sounds is a simple and interesting computer language for ease of doing the task.

Why coding is the most trending upskilling program?

Doing the task needs analytical and critical thinking and as wisely said by a famous author “If there is one life skill everyone needs is the ability to think with a critical objective.” Coding serves as the building blocks of an integral part of one’s life. People need to realize that what happens when they use technology is not magic, they themselves can create programs that can be useful. But knowing what happens under the hood of modern technology is just one of the benefits of learning to code. Many of the other benefits it serves is enhancing the thinking ability and interpersonal skills.

Coding enhances SYSTEMATIC AND ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS. Modern programming languages are expressive, readable, precise, and executable. Hence, a programmer can relatively quickly jump into a problem and figure things out using the right tools and methods to find a solution. Our brain changes and adapts to the new challenges. It gets to rewire itself so that it can meet real-life challenges while expending less effort. With each coding and programming skills, we develop we IMPROVE OUR PLANNING, REASONING SKILLS AND ANALYTICAL THINKING.

Learning a programming language is not only adding new skills to our thinking. It is also a way to take a fresh look at life. It boosts our brain to deal in a different way with the challenges that it poses. When we learn and practice coding our brains are forming new neural connections while strengthening existing ones. Coding greatly involves critical and analytical thinking, that follows a process of identifying a problem, analysing it, coming up with probable solutions, testing these solutions, and finally putting them into action. Each of these steps is a valuable part of analytical thinking.


Communication is an essential skill. When kids learn how to code, they learn how to communicate with the most simple-minded audience imaginable: computers. As mentioned, computer coding teaches kids how to break down complex ideas and arrange them in a way that computers can understand. Coding makes you a TEAM PLAYER, you interact, collaborate with global coders and work on the creation of something for solving a real-life problem and easing the human effort. This sharing of knowledge is called Open Source! And hence, coding grooms your interpersonal skills.

Coding equals to Mind mapping!

By this, we simply mean, coding gives you the wings of imagination and wand through codes to turn imagination into reality. It liberates your thoughts to think of a problem and find its solution. For instance, ALEXA and ECHO were created as an intelligent, voice-controlled household appliance that could ease playing music, reading the news aloud and order groceries — all by simply letting users talk to it from anywhere in the house. Not only enhancing life skills, but coding also helps you GIVE PRACTICAL APPLICATION of the theoretical Mathematics and Physics concepts. Maths linear programming and logic gates in our academic curriculums make more sense with an understanding of coding. You champ the skill of PROBLEM SOLVING. Within programming, you learn how to break down a problem and to use a language that the computer understands to logically create a working program. In other words, you learn to look at problems from a bigger picture and adapt to working through the frustrations of hitting brick walls to solve issues.

You can BE YOUR OWN BOSS. With this added skillset you can consider freelancing as an option which gives you the flexibility to shift your career at later part of your life. It gives you the freedom of thoughts, contentment, and power to channelize your creativity in the area of your interest. You GAIN SELF CONFIDENCE One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you accomplished something great or executed something complex. Learning to code gives you that excitement and empowerment! You develop more confidence in using your computer and interacting with the internet, as you understand how it works and how it all comes together behind the scenes. So, do not just educate your kids or yourselves for academic purpose. Go beyond because the sky is the limit. Upskill yourselves with the new literacy. Right investment is the money earned. The scope of coding goes beyond employment and has an array of benefits which sparks your personality and makes you stand out of the queue.