10 reasons to learn coding before 10th standard

Hustle, hustle, hustle. Turn everywhere- Millennials and Generation Z are killing it. There is no written rule for career or workspace today. You can see a programmer with photography skills. A doctor who is a part-time storyteller. A dancer on weekends and busy software engineer on weekdays… No rules. A side hustle is the norm. How to be the exceptional person that you are in this highly competitive world? Build up a persona of your own. Indulge in all of your passion. Compartmentalize your interests and work on everything. Develop the skill side of yours and be prepared for the world, in your energetic student days. Learning to code is one of the best things you can give yourself. Not only it prepares you for the job market, but it also uplifts a certain skill set of yours to excel in your capabilities. Here are the 10 reasons why you should learn coding before your 10th STD.

1.Coding is a combination of maths, logic and algorithm.

Steve Jobs, famously said, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think. I view computer science as a liberal art.” It teaches you how to think. It will change your approach to work; any work. You will get the idea to break down the complex problems to simple blocks and deal with each of them.

  1. Attention to details Learning to program also makes your attention to detail sky high. A single mistake –like a misplaced period or hyphen can wrongly affect your entire code. You keep on checking all details to avoid the double work. The output is increased efficiency.

  2. Develops your communication skills To execute any task-you need to find an idea, work on the specificities and function around them-this is not easy as it sounds. Coding encourages synthesising data, analyses them and helps to express it more simply. Writing also works in the same way. Programming is said to be concise writing.

  3. Improving collaboration skills

When you are working on a project, there are lots of collaborations going on. There are multiple persons with varied perspectives and ideas. If you want quality results, you have to communicate the exact requirement and work in tandem to achieve a great result. This collaboration is pertinent in all projects and coding in particular.

  1. Self-sufficiency

If you want to improve SEO, make quick design changes, do landing pages, you need not wait for another person. Coding has a way to assist these tasks. Also with data analysis, certain programming languages help much. This increases your independence, not to say about credibility as a working person.

6 Pursue your passion. If you are someone who nurtures tons of ideas, coding can be of great support. The time, energy and money that can be saved if you know this skill can be used to hone up your skill, work on your idea and charge ahead with variations and designs of your craft. 7. Open up the freelance world Gig economy is not only a cool word but the popular method of working, now. If you want to work while travelling, coding is the way. If you want to set your schedule of a workday, coding is the way. More and more companies are now open to outsourcing their work. And coding is a highly valued skill. 8. Build confidence Remember the first time you learned a new language? The confidence it brought? You become more and more authoritative about many things. Also, the more you learn, the more confident you become. It is an addictive process. It is empowering to know that you possess a skill set most people would stump generally. 9. Master it anytime Unlike a lot of courses, coding does not require a particular set of specification, like a degree, to start learning. In today’s world, you can learn coding from the comfort of your own home from the best of teachers available. You can perform your other commitments also easily. There is no excuse not to study! 10. Make your application stand out If you are applying for a job later in your life, you can proudly produce the certification of your coding course. Surely, it will make your application stand out. The possession of this knowledge and your willingness to take it up along with your studies will automatically push up your application.

We have touched upon all the points as to how learning coding before your 10th can build up your persona as a whole. And we have not even touched the job opportunities and occupation chances. That is one of the biggest advantages everyone must be aware of. Master the art of learning and surely excellence will follow.