Best Affordable Laptop For Coding For Kids

“Coder Kids” are the new norms. The world has walked into the universe of coding. They are bringing in their children too. Taking a step forward from the arguments of ‘Should I’ or ‘Should I not- make children sit in front of the system more ?’, the pandemic made us all sit in our home and take part in everything - online. Now, parents are actively following the discussions of “which is the best and affordable laptop for children for coding?”

Coding for Children

From the multitudes of articles, studies and research we now know that coding is beneficial for children. ● Coding helps in analytical thinking. ● Develops the problem-solving skills ● Increases creative involvement ● Prepares to step into the future with confidence.

The stay at home situation thus can be turned into an incredible opportunity to tune into the advantages, the coding industry can offer.

So, how to find the best laptop to help children?

Laptops for children There are certain things to consider when you are planning to buy laptops for your children. -Age of the child- Surely, a child under 3 years of age is not supposed to use a laptop. Children above the age of 8 or 9 years are recommended the use with parental supervision. -Interest of the child- Even though the parameter for interest does not weigh-in for small children, it is good to consider their affinities. Some are creative by nature, some- analytical, and most, a mix of both. -Budget of the family- This is a consideration we need to teach our children, however resourceful we are. With a wide selection available in the market, we should find ways to reach the right value for our money spent.

Let us move on to the options available in the best laptops for children.

Dell- Upgradable RAM and decent processing performance are the thumbs up received from the market. But poor battery life, lesser RAM, and overwhelming display discourage the purchase. Acer – Marks good in most of the specifications but bad service records and higher price margins are two big drawbacks. Lenovo- Quad-core processor and backlit keyboard are good features. But the built quality is not considered good. Unavailability of the card reader and low-quality after-sale service reputations exist. Sony-With a comeback to the market, Sony has made its presence with compatible machines and a proper interface. But the configuration and setup costs high.

We, at Debugsbunny, prefer the HP after many careful deliberations. The pros are – Excellent battery life, beautiful design, and display, quality keyboard, specifications suited to student life. This is the main reason we opted for the HP partnership in our coding course programme. We are offering this laptop to kids at no-cost EMI options as part of our specific courses.

Our one-year course fee is Rs. 60,0000 along with the excellent HP laptop! There are good financing options available too. We are in the midst of a technological revolution. None of us can ignore that. Children especially. We have to arm them with aid. Right education is the strongest of all.

Debugsbunny is focused on providing the same, along with the means. Thus generated the idea of procuring the best laptop for children to learn to code. We focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. What better way to equip the learning of children in these towns than providing assistance to buy laptops!