Analytical Thinking in Coding

Languages are the principal way of human communication. Humans use words to convey their emotions and computer use codes to express in the form of programs. Programming can serve as a building block for one’s career and enhances interpersonal skills. Humans also developed a mechanism of easing out communication. Coding intends to prepare the outcomes for tomorrow’s most in-demand technology sector. Coding holds good career prospects as a number of business sectors relying on computer code. It adds an array of positive skills beyond employment. A famous scientist said ‘If you want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn’. When kids code, they break them into smaller parts and learns how to approach complex problems. Coding gives you the projections to turn thoughts into reality. Coding helps kids with the appropriate thinking of how things work in reality. So let’s educate your kid with the latest technology and antonyms. As today’s generation is the future of our nation! The scope of coding goes beyond employment and has an array of benefits that sparks your personality and makes you stand within the ocean of people!

Coding for kids has become a buzz word today due to the addition of coding as a mandatory course from 6th Std onwards in National Education Policy of India. #CodingBlocks #cbaccelerate #elearning #Codingforkids