Children And New-Age Learning

“My child is 5 years old. Should he start coding now?” “I will never let my children join the new bandwagon of coding/AI classes!!! Let them be free –I will not pressure them more!”

If you are a new-age parent, chances are, either you have heard these or said these as a part of a conversation. You cannot escape “the great debate on children and new-age learning”. Like any serious subject, this also needs a deeper assessment.

Coding for Kids

What is learning? It is the process of making unknown, known. As simple as that.

When it comes to learning from a child’s perspective, it is not, in simple terms, a gathering of information. It is absorption, assimilation, and interpretation of things. Things that are completely novel to their senses. The learning pedagogy has been designed, over years by the experts, keeping these aspects in mind. It is slow progress; of building concepts – in a simple language within a stipulated period. Now, there are many methods to make this process easy- Remember the Abacus classes, which promises easiness in learning Mathematics? Similarly, certain exercises, if done regularly, help in building the cognitive and perceptive side of children. There is no doubt about that. Experts suggest learning a foreign language in the early years is beneficial to children. So where does the faulty element factor in?

It is when unhealthy attitudes crept in-like the capital market wrongly advertising, an eight or nine-year-old receiving crore-package salary offers from tech giants in the industry. Or misleading titles given with non-existent acclaims. Or fake affirmation being given as an end to all problems in the learning field. Coding or any new-age learning, for that matter, is not a panacea to all problems. What they can be –is the path to an enlightened future. The essential fundamentals to be included in the resources of education as per the need of the times.

What is not needed? The senseless competition. The deceptive challenges. The relentless pursuit to be the only best in everything and anything. What is the best way forward? Learn the basics. Of anything. In a systematic and organised way.

If you want to teach your children coding, there is no harm in that. You are not pressurizing your children. You are opening new doors for them. Find the best coding class for your children. The one with the best teachers. The one which gives no false promises. Make them sit in a few classes and give them enough time to develop a taste. Focus on their wish. If they love the method, by all means, continue. Because coding is fun!!

Coding is Fun Coding is proven to develop problem-solving skills in children. They rise to the challenge of solving a task given. They turn creative to find solutions. They think more and analyze more. At its basics, coding appreciates the cognitive development of humans. Learning to code is thus not merely a technical add up. Every child is different. Different in their strengths and weaknesses. Their choices and outlook will be different too. The curriculum instructed, should also be inclusive enough to embrace this difference. It is important to choose a coding class which respects this feature.

Neil Gaiman, the famous author said recently, “We have responsibilities to the future. Responsibilities and obligations to children, to the adults those children will become, to the world they will find themselves inhabiting.” This is a reflection of thought that should resonate on all who work in the field of education for children. What is not fun is the notion of learning coding to attract humongous job offers. They are not early bird tickets to the captivating job markets. That can wait. The best teachers say so. Let the children build their foundations at first. With the best of inputs. Herein lies our responsibility to offer content, customised to their needs. Coding included. The bedrock built with strong cornerstones helps them to construct new heights of their own. Let them be the architects of their future. We can assist them in building that without hindering their inventiveness. Isn’t that what education is about?

We, at Debugsbunny, are trying to flourish in this goal of nurturing. Our customers, kids and parents alike, echo this sentiment. Their feedback shows us that we are on the correct path.