How DebugsBunny Stands Unique Among Other Coding Platforms?

Online review sites are the slush piles of feedbacks from various influencers, market players, and promoters. These are not the most reliable sources to trust. We all have grown up listening to the famous saying that “Honesty is the best policy”, but with the false marketing strategies and advertisements by actors who have not even spared a second to go through those courses, our faith has blurred away.

Let us start with the fact. According to a survey, 92% of people tend to trust the opinions of the existing consumers while making purchasing decisions. Essentially, it comes down to trust. Therefore, word of mouth from the parent who got his child enrolled in a ‘well-known’ coding program makes the most reliable source. Thus, it becomes extremely important for us to know the real challenges faced by the parents in other coding programs and prepare a platform to overcome them. Thereby, today we are ‘DEMYSTIFYING THE CHALLENGES PARENTS FACE IN OTHER CODING PROGRAMS’.

What are the real challenges?

After a lot of interaction with the parents and going through multiple reviews, we found that ‘IT IS ALWAYS OVERPROMISE AND UNDER DELIVERY’. Parents are promised assistance just on a call or a message, but a harsh fact check says, they often have to chase the mentors to get their queries resolved and to get one-on-one assistance. Another being unrealistic dreams the companies embody in a child’s brain. At the age when a child must be fostered with creative and analytical thinking in a fun manner, they are being stuffed with unrealistic dreams of becoming a millionaire coder. Ultimately, the purpose fails and coding which is supposed to be fun, creative, encourage design thinking, becomes nothing more than a bag of the burden for kids.

The questions which intrigued most parents before opting for these programs are: Is the company making prospects fall for their overpromises before signing in for their coding program? Are they purchasing a course to upskill their child or just stuffing a fat cheque in the company’s bank account?

The purpose of the blog!

This blog aims to save you from being a google lens and prevent you from searching various websites looking for a trustworthy and one-stop solution for a coding platform. This blog aims at giving you a transparent picture of reality and how the program can benefit your child.

How Debugsbunny is the one-stop solution to coding!

Overcoming the above-mentioned challenges, Debugsbunny stands unique. HOW? The answer is simple. ‘It has taken care of one of the most basic yet most faced issues i.e. The Infrastructural Challenge in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.’ Most of the other courses available require a high-speed internet connection which is not accessible to many in those cities. Thus, a highly advanced online lecture solution has been implemented which can easily be accessed at any internet speed over 100 kbps (0.1mbps). It has designed its curriculum considering the parent’s reviews and thereby making it authentic and user friendly. The mentors are highly trained to start from the ABCDE of coding and eventually increase the complexity.

The base of all the courses is, easing out the complex programming language in the most fun and interactive way. Coding is a wonderful mix of creativity and STEM education. Taking away the fun part and focusing on overpromising a 10-year-old kid being a crorepati is not the agenda. ‘Foundation of trust has never been breached’.

The promise is straight and clear- Giving coding a new perspective and remolding it as per the understanding and requirement of the kid.

Maximum utilization of any resource can only be achieved by the optimized input. Inculcating the interest in coding and carving out the best of their coding potential is the only moto. Like every skill, coding needs to be learned and loved. As a guide, we help to cater that spark of interest into a flame of passion for coding. Let us explore the realm of coding with the trust and zeal to upskill your kid for the new digital trend. Be the digital bunny!