Industry Oriented Coding Course For Undergraduates

Coding has been introduced by The National Education Policy (NEP), at a young age to enhance exposure to technology and create a path to a new world of innovation and creativity. With the exponential increase in the digital trend, it has become extremely important today but it may be even more impactful in the future. As computer programmers across the world work to learn new ways of communicating with machines and computers, the field will continue to grow. Computer programming degree graduates can help create this future by automating processes, collecting data, analyzing information, and sharing knowledge to continuously innovate and improve upon existing processes. Besides basic programming being part of the school curriculum, the major pull-back students face is the lack of professional skills and industrial exposure. Statistics say, by 2018, 2.4 million STEM jobs were unfilled and 71% of all new jobs in STEM are in computing that requires algorithmic thinking and programming skills. Thus, for employment, programming jobs are the #1 source of new wages. learning to code not only enhance interpersonal skills but also pave the path to lucrative career opportunities. Understanding the need of the hour to solve some of the real-world challenges and guide undergraduates to abridge the gap between college and industry, Debugsbunny has introduced ‘INDUSTRY SPECIFIC COURSE DESIGNED BY IIT/IIM ALUMNI AND INDUSTRIAL EXPERTS.’

What is the need for professional coding? With growing technology and reforms in education policy, India is witnessing remarkable growth in the programming sector. Also, the list of most well-paid jobs is dominated by tech, with many positions requiring some form of a coding skillset. Surprisingly, the recent statistics show that post-COVID-19 scenario, the IT sector is poised to witness the fastest growth globally in the upcoming decade. However, as per ‘National employability survey 2019’, which is based on a study of more than 1,50,000 engineering students who graduated from over 650 colleges, 80% of them were lacking the professional skillset desired by the companies due to a dearth of industrial exposure and inefficient guidance. This decreases the organization’s productivity and increases the demand for professional programmers making this sector competitive and one of the most valued professions. Keeping up with the pace of changing technology and demand, Debugsbunny has taken the responsibility to upgrade the undergraduates beyond contemporary knowledge and to be industry-ready with professional coding languages like Python, data structure algorithms. The course is well crafted by IIT/IIM alumni and industrial experts keeping in view the current industry trends and requirements.

What is included in the course? Often, undergraduates are confused about shaping up their careers and finding the correct platform to upskill themselves and to stand unique among lakhs during placements. Also, most campus placements are being done in IT companies which require basic coding skills. Thus, the curriculum has been designed to provide one-on-one mentorship to the students and carving out the best of their potentials. The course offers BASIC PYTHON AND DATA STRUCTURE ALGORITHM involving fundamentals of programming, OOPS, DBMS by python, array, and much more. The most exciting fact about the course is that it provides great flexibility to non -IT students to become computer literate and open more lucrative and reliable career opportunities for themselves. The mentors are highly trained and industry experts who help students to undertake various projects, collaborate with professionals who help them clearing the haze of confusion, and equipping them with professional tools to be interview ready. Beyond professional growth, the course helps you promote SEL (social and emotional learning) skills and making you aware of your strengths.

Why should undergraduates opt for the course? College besides being the fun adda is also the place where many green horned teens transform themselves into highly desirable college graduates and prospective employees. Exploring, communication, skill enhancement, gaining industrial experience make the most crucial part of college learning. Thus, the course provides you the right wings of appropriate skillset to undergo metamorphosis from a novice to a programming professional and conquer the digital world.