The debate on Laptop v Mobile

Imagine these scenarios. You need to make a stunning presentation at work. Or submit an important assignment in the class. Which one would you reach for? A laptop or a mobile? A laptop. Right? Now consider this. You need to check the latest news immediately. What would you do? You flip out the phone and tap on it, once or twice. Correct? The debate on whether a laptop or mobile is better has been going on for ages. With the considerable increase in the number of people who use mobile, popularity scales might be tipping in favor of this small device that we carry in our hand. But broader research shows that laptops are the best for creation- the creation of any kind than consumption-which is the main purpose of a phone. In essence, laptops get things done!!! Now let’s look at certain facts to find an answer to –‘Is laptop better than mobile?’

● The Windows operating system is a pioneer in the field and is still prominent when we talk of workstations, needed for professional work or study modes. The smartphones’ operating systems are limited, however, advanced it might be.

● The screen space provided by a laptop is its most beneficial feature especially for students, professionals, and all who work on devices for longer hours. Apart from the health aspect, the ease of working helps in increasing the productivity of a person.

● The comparison of battery life between phones and laptops might be a complex affair. Still, the laptop battery is more reliable in terms of usage pattern. You cannot depend on a mobile battery without charging it at periodic intervals.

● Laptops are also more compatible with external devices and apps like Microsoft Office. You cannot type an essay of 2500 words on your phone. The text-contents, presentations, worksheets - all demand a workspace provided by a laptop. The comfort of a keyboard cannot be undermined.

● Portability is a feature, mobile phones banked on-but that was years ago. Now laptops are available with much lesser weight and size. Just as mobile phones increased their efficiency and correspondingly the price, laptops have turned to be smarter than their earlier version and affordable too.

● Connectivity is another area where laptops have grown considerably to take up the challenge. With the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled world all around us, it is not difficult for an affordable laptop, much like a mobile phone, to get connected to the world of the internet.

Granted, mobile phones have grown multitudes in terms of functions that ease our life. But when it comes to work, career build-ups, education- the creation of any kind-laptops are still the prime choice. Think of a student; there are the best laptops for child education. Why should you settle for a phone? Think of a software professional, a gamer, or a research fellow. We cannot possibly replace their laptops with another sleek, small device, however smart it might be. We can safely say, laptops demand serious engagement from its user and that is its biggest advantage.