9 Reasons why the students should start learning coding in early age?

Coding for kids has become the new buzz word! Let’s see what are the benefits of start learning coding at an early stage.

1. Learning to code is like learning a language

When you learn a language, you learn vocabulary, punctuations, sentence formations etc. Similarly while learning to code kids learn pattern, logic, syntax etc. This builds their acumen to learn new things and like they say learning a new language is much easier at a young age.

2. Learning Programming empowers kids to solve their life problems

Kids have a different perspective to look at things. They process things differently. They look at problems differently, if given the opportunity the first response they have it to solve the problem in their own way. It is highly advisable to provide them with the platform and knowledge of coding to empower them to solve their life problems.

3. Learning to code stretches the mind and helps kids in structured thinking

Coding poses challenging aptitude problems in front of kids, which stimulates their structured thinking. The best thing about the coding is that students can solve these problems and see the results immediately and they can have a hand on learning.

4. Starting early will make them fluent with technology sooner

There are hundreds of programming languages in the world and there are numerous technologies. It would take anyone a great deal of time and efforts to be an expert. The sooner anyone starts the sooner they will get expertise in that technology. Hence starting coding early on in life will students become the expert earlier.

5. By the time the Kid will reach the stage to work - They can get the jobs easily

All parents want their kids to do good in their life. Financially and otherwise. Coding as a skillset has been proven to provide the highest compensation across industries. The number of Software developer job openings tells us about the huge demand in the market.

6. Coding gives students a tool to try and implement the STEM concepts which they study in the school

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are the basic building blocks of the new age educations. Students learn these as a part of their formal education and coding can give them an edge as they can try most of the STEM concepts hands on using coding.

For example, of you try to draw a line of 1 cm > Turn right by 90’ angle > Again draw a line of 1 cm > Turn right by 90’ angle > Again draw a line of 1 cm > Turn right by 90’ angle > Draw a line of 1 cm

This will get us a Square figure and if you change the angle and the number of times the operations is repeated then we will get different figures accordingly

7. Coding teaches students how to think

It is easy to teach someone WHAT to think, but HOW to think is the most important when it comes to becoming successful in the life. Coding teaches precisely that

8. Through coding kids can have a joy of creation!

Coding is an economical medium to give students a joy of creation without creating much of a mess. Students love to make things like say a Lego figure or a solve a jigsaw puzzle or build something. But in the physical format of these toys have limitations. Coding on the other hand provide a lot of flexibility and learning opportunities, where kids can learn by making things.

9. A kid is a kid - They can have fun through coding 😃

A kid is a kid and we should treat them as a kid. We should not burden them with a lot of expectations. How can we achieve the perfect balance of that kid should be given proper exposure for learning opportunities without burdening them too much. We feel coding is the best way to achieve that. Kids can learn and have a loads of fun at the same time through coding.

We request all parents to give their kids the magical gift of coding knowledge and open up a bunch of avenues for them! #happycoding